In book: A Handbook of Tropical Residual Soil Engineering, Chapter: Chap. 6: Foundations: Shallow and deep foundations, unsaturated conditions, heave and . Shallow - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Shallow development and application of shallow foundation support for transportation Detailed design examples are provided for shallow foundations in several bridge .

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Module 4: Design of Shallow Foundations. Lecture Bearing capacity [ Section Introduction ]. Bearing capacity: It is the load carrying capacity of the. SHALLOW FOUNDATIONS. Foundation design is required for all structures to ensure that the loads imposed on the underlying soil will not. Please download PDFcamp Printer on to remove this watermark. Foundation Engineering-I Design of Shallow Foundations CHAPTER .

When the soil located immediately below a given structure is weak, the load of the structure may be transmitted to a greater depth by piles and drilled shafts, which are considered deep foundations.

This book is a compilation of the theoretical and experimental evaluations presently available in literature as they relate to the load-bearing capacity and settlement of shallow foundations.

The depth of embedment below the ground surface is equal to Df. The failure surface in the soil is shown in Fig.

The following types of foundations will be covered in Foundation Engineering 1 FOOTINGS

This type of failure is called general shear failure, and qu is the ultimate bearing capacity. If the foundation shown in Fig.

If the load on the foundation is further increased, the load-settlement curve becomes steeper and erratic with the gradual outward and upward progress of the failure surface in the soil shown by the broken line in Fig. When q becomes equal to qu ultimate bearing capacity , the failure surface reaches the ground surface.

Beyond that, the plot of q versus S takes almost a linear shape, and a peak load is never observed. This type of bearing capacity failure is called local shear failure. Figure 1.

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For this case, the load-settlement curve will be like that shown in Fig. A peak value of load per unit area, q, is never observed. This type of failure in soil is called punching shear failure.

In this case, the failure surface never extends up to the ground surface. This was clearly explained by Vesic [2] who conducted extensive laboratory model tests in sand. From this figure it can be seen that, for any given foundation, a decrease in the relative density of sand results in an increase in the settlement at ultimate load.

Based on laboratory and field test results, the approximate ranges of values of Su in various types of soil are given below. However, based on limiting settlement conditions, there are other factors which must be taken into account in deriving the allowable bearing capacity.

The total settlement, St , of a foundation will be the sum of the following: 1.


Elastic or immediate settlement, S described in Section 1. Primary and secondary consolidation settlement, Sc , of a clay layer located below the ground water level if located at a reasonably small depth below the foundation.

Thus, the bearing capacity corresponding to the allowable settlement must also be taken into consideration. Deep Foundations: The most common of these types of foundations are piles.

Tutorial on Foundations.pdf - TUTORIAL ON SHALLOW...

They are called deep because the are embedded very deep relative to their dimensions into the soil. Their depths may run over several 10s of meters.

They are usually used when the top soil layer have low bearing capacity. Adnan A.

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Be safe against overall shear failure Bearing Capacity Failure. Not undergo excessive displacement Settlement. These conditions will insure that the foundation i.

Therefore, when designing foundations, these two characteristic must be satisfied. In the case of concrete, two basic conditions must be satisfied: 1.Determine the flexural reinforcing steel. Figure 3. This type of failure in soil is called punching shear failure. The steel in the transverse direction is-determined based on an equivalent soil pressure q' and subsequent moment, for each column.

F Cost of foundation. There are several others of course. Location and depth criterion.

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