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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. A convincing economic, political site Store; ›; site eBooks; ›; Politics & Social Sciences . China will replace the United States as the worlds dominant power. In so doing, it will not become more western but the world will become more Chinese. Since the first publication of When China Rules the World, the landscape of world power has shifted dramatically. In the three years since the.

The future, of course, is unknowable but in this chapter I will try to tease out what it might look like. Such an approach is naturally speculative, resting on assumptions that might prove to be wrong.

It's not helpful. A Socio-Cultural Approach to International Relations Martin Jacques adopts a predominantly socio-cultural approach to the question of international relations.

The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order: Second Edition

While there are strengths to this approach, I also think that he takes it too far. Its national character is that of a well-aimed ninja copycat—it either spent its history emulating China or the Western nations.

Once there was no one else to emulate, it had no idea what to do. Nations are made up of people, and culture is not only about making yoghurt.


The American mythos of its rebellion and its independence give it a world view that conditions the way its people behave and react, and expect their government to behave and react. Chinese Stories About Themselves The Chinese mythos has a substantially different world view that sounds entirely different echoes in the Chinese psyche.

Every Chinese child will know the stories of the Warring Kingdoms period and the romance of the Three Kingdoms where a weakened central authority gave way to warlords. Every Chinese child will also know the stories of great Chinese emperors whose wisdom and foresight brought wealth and prosperity to the empire.

These myths give rise to different notions and expectations of the state and your place within it. States and governments are inevitably more influenced by their geopolitical interests than their presumed common culture.

European history is far too replete with examples of Catholic states allying with Protestant or even Muslim states to defeat a common Catholic enemy for civilisational alliances to be the dominant paradigm. As recent events have demonstrated, Vietnam, South Korea, and Myanmar are as likely to ally with the United States if they felt it beneficial to their geopolitical self-interests to do so.

Politics is always, first and foremost, local. He correctly points out that leaders can only lead by persuading people to follow them.

The appeals are not rational; they are emotional. Trust, like love, is first and foremost a matter of the heart. And our hearts are moved by appeals that chime in harmony to the music of our most cherished myths: of ourselves, and of our country.

Any other type of clarion call will only clang discordantly. Chinese Genes, Chinese Culture? A somewhat glib personal example: I grew up speaking English.

It is for all intents and purposes my mother tongue. Chinese was something I used mostly only in language lessons classes, with any ability in it acquired in spite of my sulking and petulance.

In the three years since the first edition was published, When China Rules the World has proved to be a remarkably prescient book, transforming the nature of the debate on China. First published in to widespread critical acclaim — and controversy — When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order has sold a quarter of a million copies, been translated into eleven languages, nominated for two major literary awards, and is the subject of an immensely popular TED talk.

When China Rules The World

Time will not make China more Western; it will make the West, and the world, more Chinese. And he could hardly have known, when he set out to write it, that events would so accelerate the trends he was analyzing. Jacques is a superb explainer of history and economics, tracing broad trends with insight and skill.

It is about a twenty-first-century world no longer modelled on and shaped by North Atlantic power, ideas and assumptions. I suspect it will be highly influential.

China’s Struggle for the Rule of Law

Is this a consciously articulated strategy or a modus operandi central to Chinese consciousness? Because the U.

The Bush administration thought that the world was going to be redrawn according to American interests, that this would be the real legacy of the cold war.

And they were totally wrong; American power was actually in decline, and the reason it was in decline was the rise of the developing countries and above all, China. This book has been a very long journey. The seed for the book was planted in , and it coincided with my meeting my wife, Hari, who was Malaysian. I started the book in , but 14 months in, it was brutally interrupted by her death.

The book was given its power and passion by my overwhelming love for her: I had finally met my soul mate, this magical person, from profoundly different worlds from mine, and I had became enormously sensitive to race and had to deconstruct myself as a white person to understand our differences with humility.

And that was a motif, in a way.

When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order

To understand East Asia, I had to dump my baggage and approach these cultures with due modesty. Join Reader Rewards and earn your way to a free book! Join Reader Rewards and earn points when you download this book from your favorite retailer.

Asian World History World Politics.If it happens in this case it will be the last one. Thus, while marriage in the West is essentially a union of two individuals, in Chinese and Indian culture it involves the conjoining of two families.

Contested Citizenship in East Asia. And then start learning Mandarin. Perhaps the last wheeze of the insufferable colonial outlook.

The Bush administration thought that the world was going to be redrawn according to American interests, that this would be the real legacy of the cold war. Aiko Ikeo. As a result of its rise China is not going to become more like the rest of the world, the rest of the world will have to become more like China.

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