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One to five is the original Percy Jackson and the Olympians series 3. The Titans The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson & the Olympians). Percy Jackson and the Titans Curse; Sea of Monsters. PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIANS The Titan lord Kronos has devised his most treacherous plot yet, and the events from the plot of The Titan's Curse.

It was the General and Luke. The General had created twelve skeleton warriors to kill his friends. Percy escapes and meets up with the other four. They were mad at Percy for following them, but then the Nemean Lion attacked them. They tried everything they had in order to kill the lion, but nothing seemed to work.

Percy then got an idea. Percy went into the space shop and came back with space food. The lion then died. Percy was the fifth person for the quest. The group then escapes before the skeletons could get them. They go on many trains to get away.

On one train, Percy met with Apollo.

Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse

He is the guy that could answer their questions. While traveling farther west, the group decides to stop and eat. After they are done eating, they are surrounded by the skeletons.

If a skeleton was cut in half, it would still reassemble itself. But then Grover senses that Pan gave them an offering. That offering was a giant boar.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians 3 The Titan's Curse

This boar killed the skeletons and helped carry the heroes even farther west. They finally stop at a junkyard. They were warned not to touch anything, but Bianca grabbed a little toy figurine for her brother Nico. This then awakens a metal giant, Talos.

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Bianca thought they could control the giant from inside. She does a great job at destroying Talos, but then he crashes into the ground. Bianca had died. This was another part of the prophecy. They finally get to San Francisco. Percy then tries to catch Nereus, which he does.

Nereus tells Percy about how Bessie is the monster that Artemis is trying to find. Thorn then shows up.

He tries to convince Thalia that she can have all the power in the world and could over throw Mount Olympus. Thalia was tempted, but Percy talks her out of it. They sent an iris message to Camp Half-Blood and talk to Dionysus. D then saves them.

They then talk with Dr. They then take his car to Mount Othrys. The car then exploded because of a lightning bolt. They walk up the rest of the mountain.

When they get towards the top, they meet with some other Hunters. They continue up the mountain to the very top. When they reach the top, they see Artemis holding up the sky and Annabeth tied up. Percy tries to fight Atlas, but realizes he is no match for him. Percy then goes over to Artemis and takes her spot because he knows Artemis can fight Atlas.

Artemis tricks Atlas and pushes Atlas into where Percy is. Percy moves out of the way and Atlas now is back into his burden. When they arrive in Washington, D. Thorn heading into the National Museum of Natural History , and follows him using an invisibility cap. Luke and a man called the General are there, and summon spartoi to hunt the official quest group, who are currently in the National Air and Space Museum nearby.

Percy runs to warn them, but they are attacked by the Nemean Lion before they can leave. They flee, and, on the advice of Apollo, travel to Cloudcroft, New Mexico. In Cloudcroft, Grover senses the presence of Pan , who sends the Erymanthian Boar to help them escape the spartoi who have caught up with them. The boar carries them as far as Gila Claw, Arizona and the " junkyard of the gods".

After a brief encounter with Ares and Aphrodite , the group enters the junkyard, where Bianca tries to take a cursed statuette for Nico.

Her theft awakens a prototype of Talos , and she gives her life to bring it down. The remaining quest members travel to the Hoover Dam , and, after narrowly escaping the spartoi again, arrive in San Francisco on the backs of two bronze flying angels.

The Titan's Curse: The Graphic Novel

Once there, Percy seeks out Nereus and learns that the monster Artemis was hunting is Bessie, the monster he saved, who is an ophiotaurus. After a final encounter with Dr.

Thorn in which Percy pleads with Mr. D to help him defeat the manticore, Grover heads back to Camp Half-Blood with the ophiotaurus. With Mr.

Chase's car, they travel to the Garden of Hesperides. From the place where Atlas once held up the sky , they see Artemis now doing his job. Thalia battles Luke, and he falls from a cliff, apparently dead.

With the help of Mr. Chase, who arrives in a biplane he has fitted with machine guns with Celestial bronze bullets, they escape and travel to a nearby airfield in Artemis' silver chariot.

The rest of the group then heads for Olympus. During the winter solstice meeting, the gods are finally convinced by Artemis to take action against the Titans. Thalia is also asked by Artemis to become an immortal Huntress, and her acceptance is the only thing that prevents the onset of the Great Prophecy.

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The group then enters the junkyard. There, Bianca tries to steal an action figure for her younger brother. However, she awakens a prototype of Talos, a giant man of bronze. She destroys it, but dies after this. The demigods then go to Hoover Dam. Percy is attacked by skeleton warriors there. He meets Rachel Elizabeth Dare , a girl who can see through the Mist which prevents common people from seeing monsters and magical things.

She saves Percy by confusing the skeletons. This allows Percy and his friends to escape. This is because sacrificing it and burning its entrails will give a person the power to destroy Olympus.

They ask for the help of Annabeth's father who gives them a car. She is poisoned by a dragon called Ladon. Othrys , the Titan capital, is now present. From the top of the mountain where Atlas held up the sky, they see Artemis holding the sky. Annabeth is held captive by Luke. Percy takes the burden—the Titan's curse—from Artemis. After this, a fight breaks out. Artemis tricks Atlas into taking his burden from Percy.

Luke falls from a cliff during a battle with Thalia, and Percy thinks that he is dead. Later, Percy is told by Annabeth that Luke has survived. He is the main character who tells the story in the series.

Percy goes on a journey to save his friend Annabeth and the Greek goddess Artemis, who have both been kidnapped. Thalia Grace : Thalia is a fifteen-year-old demigod. She is a daughter of Zeus.

Thalia appears in Percy's dream in the second book. But she makes a full appearance at the end of The Sea of Monsters. Thalia is given a greater role in the third book. Thalia is described as looking very punk. She wears black clothes, has spiky hair and wears eyeliner. Her personality is described in the book as " independent and many times sarcastic ".

Thalia is a lot like Percy.The brown one? Though Artemis and her hunters arrive to help, Dr. These students live here. It's right there! I cannot even describe how much Course Hero helped me this summer.

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