Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Collection) () FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Download FREE DC, Marvel. All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Free Download. Get FREE DC and Marvel Comic Download only on GetComics. The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition is a twenty issue series that serves as an encyclopedia of nearly every character, location, object, .

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The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe - Master Edition is an enormous thirty six issue series that serves as an encyclopedia of nearly every character in . The Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe A to Z Premiere Hardcover. Expand full wiki summary. 14 issues in this volume Add Issue Reverse sort ยท Issue #. The Official Handbook of the. Marvel Universe Update '89 is an eight issue series of the Marvel Universe A-Z maxi-series, as well as the Marvel Legacy decade.

The ss Handbook. Marvel Atlas - 2 issues.

Secret War: From the Files of Nick Fury 1 July, Secrets of the House of M 1 July, Marvel Zombies Handbook 1 September, Mighty Avengers: Most Wanted Files 1 World War Hulk: Gamma Files 1 August, Messiah Complex - Mutant Files 1 December, All-New Iron Manual 1 July, Ultimate Secrets 1 January, Marvel Pets Handbook 1 August, Encyclopaedia Mythologica 1 September, Weapon X Files 1 June, Iron Manual Mark 3 1 June, Deadpool Corps: Rank and Foul 1 May, Avengers Assemble 1 July, Phoenix Force Handbook 1 September, Blockbusters of the Marvel Universe 1 March, Asgard's Avenger 1 June, Earth's Mutant Heroes 1 July, Captain America: America's Avenger 1 August, The Marvel Undead 1 December, Strange Heroes 1 February, Roll Call 1 June, Secret Wars: In a few cases, the Handbook even included previously unrevealed information.

In addition, major important pieces of equipment were given technical illustrations with breakdowns of their functions and features.

Example pictures of the character in action, taken directly from the comics themselves. In the original OHOTMU, characters were listed at one character per page, although minor characters were sometimes listed at two to a page and major characters would occasionally receive more than one page.

In the Deluxe Edition, however, every character received at least one page; the most significant characters such as Captain America or Iron Man could receive up to pages for their writeups; less important characters, such as Sunspot or Volcana , typically received one or two pages. In the Master Edition this reverted and every character, major or minor, was given the same amount of space - both sides of single loose leaf page.

In the latest version this has been changed back again and now characters receive different lengths of entry depending on their history and importance. Issues 13 and 14 were the Book of the Dead and Inactive, featuring characters and groups who were, at the time, believed dead or inactive, and issue 15 was the 'Book of Weapons, Hardware, and Paraphernalia', featuring technical drawings of Iron Man 's armor, Spider-Man 's web-shooters and other notable characters' equipment.

The back of each issue in the series featured a brief Appendix, giving one-line listings for minor and inactive characters.

The last five issues of this series were, again, the 'Book of the Dead', cataloging characters that were believed dead at the time; the technical drawings from the original series' supplemental 'Book of Weapons' were reproduced and updated in the relevant characters' main entries or, in a few cases, receiving their own entries.

The ''88 run Deluxe Edition has also been collected in trade paperback format, a series of 10 thicker volumes of pages each.

Although numerous entries reference an Appendix, the Deluxe Edition Appendix never materialized. This series is notable for including numerous non-superhuman supporting characters, where previous runs had all but neglected them.

The edition included approximately character pages, 22 team action sheet featuring a team's line-up, and 7 action sheets featuring information on support characters for a heroe. Each character page offered a full profile of the character's body: front, side, and back, except for 12 cases where the dimensions of the character made it difficult to adjust to the sheet, and one, Doughboy , who was presented in front, side and dive.

All the images were drawn by the same artist: Keith Pollard. One Handbook a month is planned through Weapon X Files contains Wolverine: Amatsu-Kami to Walker [59] [60]. Retrieved March 7, The original edition opted only to describe the "Origins" of characters how they acquired their powers , instead focusing heavily on detailed explanations for how those powers functioned.

Book of the Dead and Inactive II: Q - S from Quasar to She-Hulk.

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