Learning AngularJS Get started with AngularJS web development fast While waiting for another angular book to arrive, I kept reading this book, and "got. Learning AngularJS: A Guide to AngularJS Development [Ken Williamson] on with AngularJS by building a sample application throughout the book. If you're. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Brad Dayley is a senior software engineer with over 20 Flip: Enabled; Similar books to Learning AngularJS: Learning AngularJS ePub _1; Due to its large file size, this book may take longer to download.

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Get Started Fast with AngularJS Web Development AngularJS is one of the most exciting and innovative new technologies emerging in the world of web. This practical guide provides a hands-on approach to learning AngularJS that will have with AngularJS by building a sample application throughout the book. Well, As answered above, you can learn angularjs online by surfing and getting online info from docs, but this is only to know the basic.

Source , plnkr Example 8 - Form with two controllers. Source , plnkr Example 9 - Form with with two controllers with a service encapsulating redundant code.

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Source , plnkr Example 10 - The ngRepeat directive. Source , plnkr Example 12 - The ngInclude directive. Source , plnkr Custom directives Example 13 - Simple custom directive. Source , plnkr Example 14 - Custom directive with isolated scope.

Source , plnkr Example 15 - Custom directive with isolated scope and scope property. Source , plnkr Filters Example 16 - Filters. Source , plnkr Example 17 - Filters executed in controller.

Source , plnkr Example 18 - Custom filter. NET Empty Web application project.

This is one of the simple and easy to understand AngularJS books available in the market that will help you understand the designing and organizing the AngularJS application so that it can perform better, efficient and scalable. This book is not the JavaScript cookbook. This book is for the ones who have foundational understanding of AngularJS framework and they want to extend their knowledge and skillset on AngularJS.

This book has all the required explanation pertaining to AngularJS starting form preparation of development environment for AngularJS programming. The basic of AngularJS programming and the development tools are well described in what you can call the best Angular book.

The demo and illustrative examples given in the book are the most helpful aspects for the readers and help in better understanding of the aspects of AngularJS programming.

This book is regarded as best book for AngularJS because of its beautiful and detailed explanation about the small details of AngularJS programming. This book will help you learn how to develop a native-like and intuitive application by leveraging the CSS3 framework. This book will also help you learn to-do application, project management application, Github dashboard and many others.


This requires good knowledge of web application development and Learning AngularJS is the right resource to learn the AngularJS programming from the scratch. By reading this best book on Angular you will be able to learn the secret of creating powerful and interactive web application with well-structured and reusable codes.

This book will help you to be a better web developer by making you to adhere to the basic design and structure rules.

Unraveling AngularJS 1. This book not only help you learn the fundamentals of AngularJS but also enable you to grasp the essence of the internal mechanism that drives AngularJS programming.

The book starts with a short tour of AngularJS that offers basic knowledge about the program and its utility and ends with exercises for creating more complex directives. This is a complete book for AngularJS programming that will keep the reader busy and engaged till the completion of all the chapters.Please share it with your friends!

As independent authors, we survive only if you are satisfied and only by making the highest quality book on AngularJS as possible. AngularJS helps you to become a better web developer by forcing you to adhere to underlying structure and design rules. What if you could master the entire framework — with solid foundations — in less time without beating your head against a wall?

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