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Yogis, Destiny and the Wheel of Time (, ) Divine Love and Miracles of Yogi Hans Baba () Learn Vedic Astrology Without Tears () Astrology is considered the queen of science in Vedic culture. It is also With the development of Systemic Vedic Astrology. (SVA), a concept Learn the Basics of Vedic Astrology in 7. Days .. Supervision for a further 3 months is possible without additional payment. Veden- yond the borders of Germany. Since. . Notes on The Elements of Astrology by icvamlakunsva.tk for the 1st. year Jyotirvid course. 2. FOREWARD. This is a collection of notes, prepared and compiled by Mr.

I told him that I wanted the horoscope of a celebrity.

He promised to get it from a friend astrologer of his. Next day, he brought it and charged me ten dollars, five for the horoscope and five for his transport. It surprised me that a man who had two hours of free reading and books, all free, should charge me for it. That is the aggressive materialistic culture of USA.

Then, I had more than one hundred experiences of similar type with those who pretended to be spiritual or even insisted that they were deeply spiritual. I had to tell that Americans who criticised Indians for their habit of taking bribes, that Americans were no better.

They indulged in most atrocious dollar pinching. It was worse than bribe taking. This dollar pinching was the worst spiritual obstacle. Then they charge for everything from the guests who stay with them unlike Indians who would feel insulted if the guest paid anything.

With aggressive dollar pinching, Americans show rare naivette and ask questions abou1 salvation. Indians know that a good state of spiritual development is non-attachment to money, or giving away the money collected for charities, most munificently.

The charity raising functions in the USA are also part of a business scheme I discovered. If God had a price, Americans would find it out in no time. Yet, Americans have some thirst for spirituality, the American brand: sex. But then how are we better in India where we behave like hypocrites? Yet, there are and will always be great yogis in India.

Indian spiritual tradition is like many vast oases in deserts of corruption. Some Americans understand it and get interested in. Their interest in the astralogical tradition of India is what attracted me to the USA. But now it repels me because astrology there is very rudimentary.

Same genuine aspirants in the USA will discaver in the next decades that spiritual life is a process of reversal which is well explained in the second chapter of the Gita stanza Bit by bit, the stanza means: "That which is night for most of the human beings" The majority are not aware of life's higher purpose, which is transcendental.

They do not probe life deeply and seek questions to answers like what the meaning and purpose of human life is because for them life is only food, sex and sleep. Fate is inscrutable. A spiritual person suffers it willingly. Can man make his own destiny totally? Or can he make it partly and also suffer his predestination partly? The western mind is.

The spread of some of the thoughts of the west to India has created this contagion of doubt in some minds here. They have succeeded in cloning. Yet, when clones behave exactly identically what it proves is that there is a predestined pattern of action, reactions and tastes and likes and dislikes. Clones, not rishis, will impart some wisdom to the westerner.

Enough proofs have been given in my books in which I wrote out in advance some readings for foreigners who came to meet me. I did it always in quick half hour. I asked them to put their remarks on those readings. If even sixty percent of it came out correct, what it proved was that the predestined had happened in his life. Here is an instance of a European who came to meet me and told me that I could use it in a book of mine without disclosing his identity.

The horoscope as passed on by you last night August 17, on your arrival in Delhi is what I am using here. Between the and did your family move from one place to another not in very happy circumstances? Did your health give any serious trouble? Ans: Yes. Breaking of bone. Between and was there again some change for the better with some interest in music like subject though you were a tiny tot?

Ans: Mother and uncle playing piano. Ans: Always tonsillitis, high fever. Roundabout there may have been movement or a short trip to a foreign country, interest in sports, particularly water sports. Ans: Always to Italy, every year once or more seems to be a crucial year for both your mother and father. One suffering mother and the other becoming prosperous. Ans: 1. Mother seriously ill. Father becoming successful in business.

In and what was the distinction you had? Ans: Finishing elementary school in and beginning high school is a year of change in your education with some achievement.

Ans: Don't remember. From family fortunes begin to improve and from now onwards it is the building up on this prosperity. You yourself have an income of your own either through shares or stocks or scholarship. Father becoming more and more successful in career. Got money from mother. Between and your life has moved between spirituality, prosperity, emotional turbulence caused by unhappy relationships.

Now you seem to be a prosperous man with spiritual quest. Yes spirituality etc. Fooling around with relationships. The interest in the religion of other countries and their knowledge could have begun at the age of 18 and thereafter there could have been even some spiritual initiotion or a strong attraction for some spiritual personality.

Your educational pattern seems to be predominantly technical. Ans: learned to work with aircrafts plones. Your father could have had spells of mechonical, technical and military jobs. He may have worked hard to build up family fortunes. Ans: Selling marbles and built a family fortune. Your horoscope shows some serious accident, something like escaping a lightning. Has it ever happened? Ans: Breaking of bone; and escaping many accidents.

From onwards thoughts of marrying enter yaur mind. Ans: Got married in , January 15th. In and again in such opportunities ta get closer to some woman might have proved frustrating. Ans: Fooling around with women. Woman was conceited and cheated me After you meet a tall beautiful woman with a shine on her face who could have become your wife.

Ans: Marriage in Inspite of some astrological handicap you could still have a child, possibly a san. But for that your wife's horoscope will have to be seen. Ans: First child, a boy born Second child, a girl born You may be the only son of your parents or the youngest one.

Ans: I a'm the only child.

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The married life of your parents does not seem to be ideal. Ans: Got divorced. In your aliradion for some spiritual personality was great. Now your visit to India may have some connection with that. Your spiritual life will become richer and richer but after eleven years, say after Most points accurate. Even if sixty percent of the readings came out corred in the case of a person whom I had not even seen, what it would prove is that the man did not make his own destiny.

It was already made. Your could be four or five siblings, with you either the first born, or the first daughter. Eldest, brother, sister and brother. From the age of 10 for three years, your studies begin to shape well. Though a child, in you could have done well in studies and even learnt a new language. Ans No language, good at English, Latin at 11 or 12 year.

In there could be a change and in some distinction. Ans father died big trip on my own. Between there are many changes in your life, a family bereavement, your own iob in quite a good position, keen interest in literature, spiritual subjects, yoga-type activities.

Lot of changes, in career, went bock to school. Western astrology, yoga. During the sarloe period, it is not marriage but a marriage like situation that becomes Visible very clearly. Strong relationship to In period you could even come into some inheritance. A small inheritance, from grandparents, paternal. From , you seem to be moving quite a lot, changing houses. Serious mental agony cause by series of fadors, impels you into genuine spiritual answers, and gainfully too, as during this period your level of financial prosperity seems to be beller than before.

Left England, left relationship, joined Shivarananda Ashram in Bahamas and Canada seems to be turning point in some relationship, a change, movement, travel.

It was in and continued there is a major movement and change in the nature of your work. Left ashram, moved back. Another relotionship is a good turning point with betler income, misunderstanding in 0 relationship. School again. From you seem to have become an aelive spiritual worker. Working with small children The subieels you studies could range from, initially science, to art, literature, history and finally religion.

Yes, sociology, psychology and read quite a lot. It is from the age of 27, or say that the spiritual turn that has taken in your life has become a reguror feature and you are doing well in this patb.

Yoga, hatha yoga. You have either no inclination to marry or want only some friendly relations with people and your heart is in sanyas. Struggling, feel torn. Yes to all Here is another instance to prove that life along predestined pattern and astrology does help one understand it. Can An Astrologer Predict Everything? Can an astrologer predict everything? The clearest answer is no. There is an invisible part in every human being's destiny which only a Yogi can see. The astrologer has his limitations, sometimes terrible limitations.

Every astrologer must realize this and must never boast that he can predict everything and that all his predictions always come aut hundred percent correct. It can never happen. But the book is aimed mainly at the Indian audiences who do want proof of the wisdom of the Bhagvat Geeta and ather scriptures in astrology. It,noy, incidentally help Americans, at any rate some of them, correct themselves and not fancy that they have spiritual attitudes.

What Then is Karma? Astrology and Karma are interlinked to the belief in the transmigration af souls. Konno - Wholllls' faith which gets revalidated and reinforced again and again when we find in our awn age recorded and verified evidences of reincarnation of persons who remembered their past births.

Recently, I read somewhere that Acharya Vinoba Bhave had asked a Christian missionary what was the meaning of the Day of Judgement for 0 child who dies, say, within four seconds of its birth?

How does God punish such a child for its good or bad deeds? No answer was given. What is the Day of Judgement for such child? I am on much stronger grounds in this molter because I have met people whose recollections of their past lives were well known, could be verified and have also been molters of investigation by intellectuals belonging to cultures which have rejected rebirth as a tenet of their religious faith, more through compulsion than any personal experience or evidence of it.

I have also produced a paper on ':4slrologyand Reincarnation".

I am including part of a long research as a case study in this revised edition. This book deals mainly with the subject, Astrology and Karma. One must learn astrology sufficiently well to experience that an astrologer can 'see'like a yogi. When the predicted events happens for which there is no rational explanation available in any subject except astrology, it must lead one on to the acceptance of cycle of births and the results of karma spread over many births and not just confined to one birth only.

Is there proof then of rebirth will be the question that will follow? There are books and books wrilten by Indians and westerners an the subject of rebirths which prove it to be a truth. Yet because some religions have been opposed to the concept of rebirths, they will be opposed always. Inspite of Dr. Ian Stevenson's series of books on Re incarnation Type Cases, the scientists and fundamentalists of other religions will not accept it just as in some scientists of the USA, including some Nobel Prize winners, opposed astrology on the grounds of their religious beliefs and not scientific investigations.

Those scientists never realized that they were being dogmatic and irrational. They were scientists without scientific outlook. Irrationality and fundamentalism are stronger human traits of larger sections of mankind than openness and wisdom. What is Destiny and how has it been explained will be clear from some quotations.

That Fifth Factor of Uncertainty from p 27 Astrology. Interpreted in modern terms, say, in the language of management, there are, in the implementation of any plan or proiect, five components: a plan of action is the first one; a plan manager the second one; intruments of action the third one; the act of implementation the fourth one. But the final autcome of these is either success or fai'lure because it is dependent on the fifth factor which is 'cieslinyc What is Astrology?

Srimad Bhagvatam p sh. You have created that shastra. It is all the work of Destiny which the wise accept. Here what is Destiny and how it works has been explained pith,yy.

There is no grief greater than the habit of worrying because it enervates the body.

Note : In Hindu astrology we do not use, )ranus *Herschel+, ,luto and

Getting out of that, he who behaves lives and aels in a balanced way, gets spells of bliss. Podma Purana lbhoomi Khand Every human life is the story of the suffering of the karmas of past lives. No one escapes it because human life is always an admixture of sins and holy deeds. In births after births, they give their results. The karmas of a person chases him, says the Mahabharato, in every birth of his. Karmos recognize its Doer just as a calf recognizes her mother, the cow, even in a herd.

In right time, Time draws the karma-doers towards itself. After they are enjoyed or suffered, they are exhausted. The moment a person enters the womb of the mother, he begins to experience the results of the karmas of his past lives.

In another context the Mahabharata says, only the grahas and nakshatros alone do not produce auspicious and inauspicious results.

All that is the result of tne karmas done by oneself. They soy it is all the doing of planets. In the classical Hindu tradition, rebirths, karma and astrology are intertwined because that is the truth which all good astrologers can see and yet do nothi ng about it.


The astrologer who sees it himself is subiectto the some divine laws. He predicts well in the good periods of his own life and foils in bod ones. The cycles of the good and bod is what Time reveals. The Indian astrologer sees it through the various dasho systems which hod no parallel anywhere in the world.

It is likely that other countries, Greece and Egypt learnt it from Indio but found it too complex and subtle to continue with it. The meeting of the Proiecr Hindsight held at West Virginia in July , to which I was invited to speak, revealed, what must have been a tradition of Indio borrowed by Egyptians and Greeks half learnt, badly practised and forgohen.

The more the Proiect Hindsight works on it the greater, as Robert Schmidt said, it seems to get drawn to the Hindu astrology. Three tiers of a prediction: Forcasting an event in railways; 6. The putt of a prediction: Shiraz Saheed; 7.

The joy of a prediction: Forcasting academic distinction: Vishwas Madhav Sabnis; 8. The warmth of a prediction: K. Pant; 9. The thrill of a prediction: Margaret Alva; What is a replicable pattern?

The lost kingdom; Spectacular rise in career; The boy who ran away; The case of the ambassador who was kidnaped; Comment: Rao shows how prediction is done by focussing on the careers of various famous individuals. For Clinton, he has a Virgo rising chart, which, in Lahiri ayanamsha, is the same as the accepted Libra rising chart.

Writing in , he says Clinton who has, according to Rao, a brilliant wife would be weak in the elections, but does not say he would be defeated. He makes no forecast after that, a pity. Vani Publications, pages. Timing the birth of children - replicable astrological techniques; 2. Birth of children through transit of planets-I; 3. Birth of children through planets-II; 4. Timing the birth of children through vimshottari dasha; Section Three: Childbirth: Some complex areas: 6.

Entering the complex area: theoretical; 7. The complex area: practical illustrations; 8. Astro-medical approach: delayed childbirths; 9. Mishaps: miscarriages; Raman's children; Section Four: Childbirth: Some other aspects: Blessings assuring the birth of children; Interpretation of the codal names of the lords of the saptamsha divisions; Categories of children; Childlessness: astrological clues; Section Five: Days of the Week 1.

In social life,! Extension Delhi Mrs. The un and! In such a case the health may be bad. Though in the nited tates of. I decided to omit those tables and give in their place, more exercises and puzzles. But the final autcome of these is either success or fai'lure because it is dependent on the fifth factor which is 'cieslinyc What is Astrology?

Rao 1. It was in and continued there is a major movement and change in the nature of your work.

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